Six steps to help you THRIVE

Six steps to help you THRIVE

As a coach and facilitator, I want to help my clients to thrive. Every week I see people who are facing a range of challenges including relationships, career, trauma, anxiety and lack of direction. While they come in because of a specific issue however, I always strive to step back and consider all areas of their life. That is because I know their wellbeing depends on multiple factors.  (See my blog “How come I’m not satisfied with my life?”)

Bringing together the vast array of research, advice and techniques is a challenge however, which is why I developed THRIVE. THRIVE stands for Time, Health, Relationships, Investment, Vision and Enjoyment and sums up the key factors that research consistently shows contribute to a lasting sense of satisfaction with life. Simply put, if one of these six elements is missing or sub-par then it will impact your happiness and success.

TIME – arguably our most precious asset, and yet the one that we typically waste. Procrastination, disorganisation, lack of focus, distractions and pointless activity mean that most people are literally throwing away years of their lives. Yet at the same time feeling like they have no time to do what they want.

HEALTH – it would also be easy to argue that health our most important possession. If we lose either our mental or physical wellbeing we are immediately in trouble. Once again however, it is something we consistently neglect. Lack of sleep, overeating, alcohol, inactivity leave us feeling sub-par and unable to enjoy life as we should.

RELATIONSHIPS – research shows that regardless of your success, health and wealth  if you don’t have good relationships then your wellbeing will suffer. In fact the Harvard Grant Study found relationships were the key determinant of happiness. Despite this we regularly sacrifice our family and social lives for work or other goals.

INVESTMENT– it doesn’t matter how talented you are if you don’t put in effort you will never be a success. Similarly you can put 100% effort but if you have a negative attitude you will achieve far less than possible. As Kazuo Inamori teaches, success is a product of effort, attitude and skill (read more about this philosophy here)

VISION– as the quote goes “a man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder” – Thomas Carlyle. Having a sense of meaning in our lives is crucial to our psychological wellbeing which in term underpins our happiness. Purpose provides us with direction and achievement and without vision your wellbeing will suffer.

ENJOYMENT– regardless of what we’ve achieved life without pleasure will not provide  lasting happiness. While it’s crucial to look after the five pillars above, it’s equally essential to enjoy the lighter side of life.

As the THRIVE model shows each of these six elements is crucial in its own way. That is why you hear people make passionate arguments for why one or the other is the golden key! The reality is however, that focusing on one area to the detriment of another will only lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. If you want to build lasting contentment step back and consider how you’re doing as a whole.

Makes sense? Want to know how to apply this to your life? Book in for a free discovery session where I will take you through a THRIVE assessment and get you back on track.