Author: Jodi Bush

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The power of asking why

With busy lives it is very easy to become focused on “what” we’re doing and totally lose sight of “why”? Yet it is the “why” that keeps us motivated. So how do we maintain focus?...

Mind Body Soul

The mind-body connection

We have a strong focus on physical health in our society – losing weight, looking good, eating well. We are far less focused on our mental health. Yet the two are intricately related....

Start your Day Amazing

Start your day AMAZING!

What’s one thing most highly successful individuals have in common? A positive and invigorating morning routine. How you start your day has the power to set you up for success....

Your Own Best Friend

Your own best friend

Not so long ago the notion of "loving yourself" was met with raised eye brows and derision. While the concept has become far more accepted however, most people still struggle to really value and care for themselves....